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Payday loans are short-term, expensive financial solution. The APR on payday loans can range from 200% to 1,710%. Installment loans and personal loans are long-term and less expensive financial products. You must act responsibly using any type of loan products. People with all types of credit are free to apply for a loan.

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Get Quick Bad Credit Loans For Your Financial Emergencies

Bad Credit Loans Bear LogoPeople with bad credit have often difficulties finding good lending sources. However, they can always access quick financial help, if they know where to find loans. BadCreditLoansBear.Com helps customers with good and bad credit to access different types of loans: payday loans, installment and personal loans. We understand that you cannot always handle unexpected financial emergencies and only a loan can help you in such situations. We help our customers to access quick loans with bad credit as well as providing them with information about importance of responsible borrowing and lending, implication of non payments, the danger of high APR for loans, and late penalty fees. All this may help you make a sound decision. If bad credit loan is your only option, we can connect you to our extensive network of lenders. They can offer a great selection of loans at preferential rates.

Many lenders give online loans to borrowers with a good credit history. At BadCreditLoansBear.Com, we understand that most of people who need fast loans, often have a bad credit history. The truth is that many Americans struggle to meet their monthly expenses and having a perfect credit score is almost impossible for many families. Even with the best spending strategies and a strict budget, most people will still experience emergency financial situations. If you live from paycheck to paycheck like many Americans do, bad credit loans will help you get through the month!

Applying for Bad Credit Loans

One major benefit of getting online loans in times of crisis is that the application process is simple, fast, and convenient. You simply fill out the online request form on our website and we will immediately connect you with lenders who may issue selected type of loan. One of the lenders will contact you within minutes with a loan offer. In some cases, if you are approved, you can get the cash you need in your checking account even on the same day. Some people may call such loans – same day loans, but usually same day loans means that the loan application would be reviewed within the same day.

Basic Qualifications

Getting bad credit loans through our website is easy and straightforward. You should be at least 18 years old and a registered or legal US citizen. Other simple qualifications include providing your checking account, email address, and active phone number. Your lender will transfer the amount to the provided checking account.

Full Disclosure of Terms and Conditions

All our lenders abide to the rules of the Truth in Lending Act. This means that you will receive the necessary documents showing your obligations before you commit yourself to any loan. The lender will give you full details of the fees and interest rates that apply to your loan. You must check all the documents very carefully, because some kind of personal loans, like payday loans are really expensive and can lead the borrower to a debt trap!

More than a Simple Personal Loan

Our major responsibility is to help as many people as we can, to get loans for bad credit. However, we also want to ensure that our customers borrow money when they need it. To this extent, we give financial advice on our website to help our customers understand the process and implications of applying for a loan. Some of the lessons you will learn on our website include:

The price of Ignoring Personal Loans

The reality is that you cannot predict financial emergencies. You can start thinking about all the options you have to get out of the situation. However, you do not fix anything by thinking about possibilities. Hoping that the emergency will somehow be resolved is not a solution. At BadCreditLoansBear.Com, we help you identify and explore viable solutions to your emergencies. Depending on amount you need, you may qualify for different type of loans for bad credit:


Payday Loans Pay urgent utility or medical bills. Needed amount to pay for the rental in full, small gifts. Credit card payments and other small emergency expenses. No, Bad, Poor and up Click here to apply

Payday Loans Pay for car repair, payment for rental, new home appliance, small home improvement, insurance renewal No, Bad, Poor and up Click here to apply

Installment Loans Large car repair, moving to new apartment, medium home improvement, payment for legal services, mortgage payment Bad, Fair and up Click here to apply

Installment Loans New car, taxes, debt payments, complicated medical procedures, small business, medium home improvement Bad, Fair and up Click here to apply

Personal Loans New car or van, debt consolidation, home improvement and renovation, medical expenses, plastic surgery, small business Fair, Good, Excellent Click here to apply

If you ignore the emergency, you will pay a high price in terms of penalties and late fees. The best approach to solving a problem is to be proactive. Getting a quick loan may be the helping hand you need. Most lenders will disapprove your request if you are struggling to pay your bills. Our work is to connect you with lenders who offer loans for people with bad credit.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on Bad Credit Loans

Loan Type Payday Loans Installment Loans Personal Loans
Loan Amount $300 $2,000 $10,000
Loan Term 14 days 12 months 5 years
Monthly Payment $828.34 $200.38
Total Interest $90 $7,940.06 $2,022.77
Total to Pay Back $390 $9,940.06 $12,022.77
APR 782% 320% 7.5%

Bad Credit Loans Bear does not provide loans directly to customers because we are a loan matching service. We simply connect our customers to lenders of unsecured loans. The lenders set the APRs and the range could be from 5.99% to 1945% depending on your loan type. Your lender will inform you of the rate that applies to your bad credit loan. The lender is also under obligation to inform of any other terms and fees before you sign the loan agreement. The APRs vary depending on the lender’s calculations, the repayment period, fees charged, penalties for late payment, loan renewal, and fees for nonpayment.

Popular Loan Scam. Don’t be mislead, Stay Informed, Mighty Bear Got You Covered!

Let’s take a look at popular scam you can find, while looking a loan. Our advice – stay away from such lenders, brokers or matching services.

Getting Guaranteed Loans with Bad Credit

Many people look for guaranteed approval loans when they are in a crisis because they want to get financing they really need. Moreover, those with bad credit, hope to find lenders who will not consider their credit rating, no job, no bank account. Others think that payday loans are guaranteed, because lenders mostly consider their paycheck. The truth is that guaranteed loans do not exist. Every lender will do a background check on each client to determine if the borrower is eligible for a loan. Most lenders will disregard your credit score, if you have a constant income and need a payday loan.
The lender can take the risk, if your salary is sufficient to pay off the loan amount. Nevertheless, you must meet other requirements and provide all requested details to get a bad credit loan. For instance, you must be an adult and a registered citizen, provide valid contact details and an active bank account to qualify. Your focus should not be on getting guaranteed approval, but on getting an amount that you can pay off easily with your income. Participating lenders may set fair terms to help you access quick help but you have an obligation to repay your loan on time.

The Truth about No Credit Check Loans

Other common term you will come across when looking for online loans is 'no credit check loans'. Dishonest services promise that no credit check is required to get a loan, but they still run it. Remember, poor credit score does not disqualify you from accessing online loans. Most lenders are concerned about your ability to repay the loan, but they never reject you just because of your credit. Even if your credit rating may not affect the final decision, your lender will still run credit check on your application.
Lenders require basic history on each client before lending money. The lender will want to know your employment details and financial status. Your credit score is one indicator of your financial status but not the overriding factor to get an approval. Our commitment at Bad Credit Loans Bear is to offer truthful information to our clients. Lenders in our network will run your credit score. Your main responsibility is to demonstrate that you can repay the amount you requested for, in full and on time.

Instant Approval Loans for Bad Credit

One mistake that desperate borrowers make is looking for instant approval loans. Dishonest lenders recognize the need for speed when borrowers are looking for quick loans such as payday loans. They promise instant loans with bad credit to attract customers to their services. Such promises are misleading. No lender issues funds blindly to a stranger. The truth is that all lenders require time to learn more about the client, to verify client’s personal information like employment and credit rating. So it’s impossible to provide instant loans, because the approval process takes time!
If you send a request on Bad Credit Loans Bear, one lender will respond almost instantly to your request, but we never guarantee instant loans. Promising instant decisions loans is just a marketing trick that dishonest lenders use. The quick response from a lender is the first step to the approval process. Your lender has to inform you of the terms and conditions of the loan. You need enough time to review the loan document before making the crucial decision to accept the offer. However, you will get the financial help you need the same day or within one business day.

Implications to Consider Before Getting a Loan

We emphasize to our customers that we are not direct lenders. Our network of direct lenders determine the terms, conditions, and collection practices that apply to each loan. The lenders are obliged to communicate all the terms and conditions before clients sign any loan document. You have an obligation to review the charges, terms, and conditions before accepting the loan offer.

Possible Financial Implications

Below are described the main implications that can be taken in case of Non-Payment, Partial Payment, Late Payment.

Implications of Late or Partial Payment and Non-Payment

Accepting a loan offer from a lender means that you have accepted the specified terms and conditions. It also means that you accept your obligation to pay off the credited amount and all the charges on time. Your lender specifies all the charges and period within which you must repay the loan in full. You will incur additional charges if you do not pay the loan as per the loan agreement. Payday loans fall due on your next payday. Your lender will penalize you for a partial or late payment. BadCreditLoansBear.Com has no control or prior knowledge of the amount that lenders charge for partial or late payments and non-payment. Check the loan document for the implications of failing to honor your obligation. Our commitment is working with lenders who use fair and reasonable ways of collecting past-due accounts.

Financial Implications of Personal Loans

Your lender determines the interest rates, fees and any other charges on your loan. The lender discloses this information before you accept the loan. BadCreditLoansBear.Com does not lend online loans directly to customers. Hence, we cannot predict the amount the lender will charge as fees or interest rates. Remember that you are under no obligation to accept a loan offer if you do not agree with the loan terms.

Effect of Non-Payment on your Credit Score

BadCreditLoansBear.Com does not make any decisions that will affect your credit score. However, your credit score may be checked in the application process. Lenders in our network may run a non-traditional or a conventional credit check. Lenders run the conventional check with Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian bureaus. While you can access same day loans with bad credit, nonpayment will affect your score. A lender may report your negligence to any of the bureaus. We advise our customers to seek help from credit counseling company to resolve credit score issues.

Loan Renewal Options and Policies

State laws and regulations control loan renewal policies. The lender should inform you of the loan renewal options available beforehand. Read and understand the renewal policy before you sign the loan document. We encourage our clients to honor their obligations to pay their loans in full and on time to avoid penalties. Consider alternative ways of solving your emergency if you are unsure about paying off your loan on time.

Debt Collection Practices

BadCreditLoansBear.Com does not control the debt collection practices that lenders apply. The loan document from your lender should specify the practices used to collect past-due accounts. If the information is unavailable or unclear, discuss the matter directly with your lender. We are committed to ensuring that the lenders in our network use fair debt collection practices.

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